The Dallara Formulino has arrived in North America!

The Dallara Formulino ("little Formula" in Italian) is an entry-level model in a range of Dallara cars that includes F3, WSR, GP2, Firestone Indy Lights and the IndyCar Series. In the competition single seater car market, Dallara and Indy Parts feel the Formulino offers the best price/performance ratio.

The Dallara Formulino program is a unique concept in the motorsport world as the same basic car can provide a school/team or driver with a chassis that can easily be updated in three steps from BASE to PRO. The car was tested at Sebring and the Walt Disney World Speedway in November 2009, has a Mountune 2-litre Duratec engine, offering if desired, a complete car with no need to source separate chassis and engine suppliers. Alternatively, if required for a series, a customer's own engine can be installed.

The Formulino is a purpose designed 'entry level' racing car with durability, reliability and economy very much in mind.

What makes the Formulino most unique is that it offers a sufficiently wide range of mechanical and aerodynamic configurations through its BASE, PLUS and PRO models. This performance-progression concept gives drivers of all ages and skill levels the perfect car from which to learn, master, and enjoy!

With the current economic down turn, affordable racing is a major world requirement and Dallara is pleased to be able to offer racing schools and potential entry level championship organizers a chance to get drivers of all ages racing in a Dallara product with the Formulino range.

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